Loving some Huberman Knowledge

I’ve been a bit late to the party on Andrew. But I’ve recently been playing some catch-up on his podcasts. Very informative. I think I might have listened to him a while ago on Rogan as I’ve seen some of his clips where he’s appeared on Rogan and they look familiar. Anyway, an Instagram friend Katherine pointed to a recent episode and what had been planned to be a short walk while listening to it turned into an hour-long walk as I was so heavily invested. Episode below.

Andrew also had a good discussion about Alcohol and Coffee tastes. Video below.

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Other News…

Bella pictured here the day we found out she has Addison’s Disease

It’s been a bit of a rough time with Bella with dealing with her diagnosis. She’s for the most part back to normal. Though with the prednisone that she’s on it makes her have to pee rather frequently. So, fortunately, that’s one of the items that can be adjusted somewhat to help with that. Hopefully, it’ll get easier once we get her meds dialed in.

Olivia Wilde – What’s the Big Deal?

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Press is making a big deal of a coming scene (not yet released movie) with Harry Styles in which he gives her some female pleasure. Goodness. What’s the big deal?!?