I’m Back. Now with a Larger Effort

Halloween came and went. Let me back up for a minute. Yes, I’m back blogging. This is odd as I set up my website with this whole Halloween theme and then never did anything with it. Yep, I’m just as puzzled as you are. Basically, it was a lot of blogging and then I’d read it over and always reached the end result,”This is garbage.”

We had our Halloween party. Thanks to all those who attended and made it such a fun night. I hope the prizes added a little something to the fun of it, and for this old guy when I looked at the clock and saw it was nearly two am. It meant two things. First. I must be having a good time. Second. It’s time to adios myself to bed as I had an early drive to see my daughter.

Seeing my daughter is always exciting. Lunch, walking around the mall, and then some coffee. I think what’s nice is we can just sit and talk. I remember my high school years and she’s in the midst of it right now. A lot of things have changed but a lot have remained the same.

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Whatelse has happened that I’d like to comment on? Henry Cavill told Netflix that wasn’t going to return for season 4 of ‘The Witcher’ and signed a multi-picture deal as Superman for Warner Bros. Gee. Let me see. Big production at WB or smaller production for Netflix. Yeah. No brainer. Also, despite there being a few mediocre films I personally think Henry is a good Superman.