Sunday Daylight Savings Time

Alright. Let us go. Let’s get this train moving. I’ve been a bit vacant from my blog of late, and I’ll make up for it the rest of the year. So lets start with a few subjects.

The Astros won the World Series. I’m sure if you’re from Texas, you cared. But all the talk on sports radio was,”Are they legit?” It’s a fair question to be asking. Sorry Astros but you deserve this. Major League Baseball (The commissioner) made a mistake by not vacating that World Series and making a precedent that cheating like this won’t be tolerated. Just my two cents. While we’re on it. This guy rose to TikTok fame (15 second videos) because he realized that Kate Upton (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model and married to Astros starting pitcher Justin Verlander) was standing behind him. He eventually pointed out in another video that she introduced herself and said hello making this fan’s day. Or night 😂

Moving on ever so slightly to golf….

This SMU golfer was playing #16 at Cypress Point in Northern California. Very tough hole. The amount of holes in one of it is extremely rare. Now, a hole-in-one with friends where it’s recorded is even rarer. Watch the video below.

Elections – Midterms

A few more days until we’re done with all the midterm madness which I cannot wait for. I record some $37 billion dollars spent across the entire nation. Think about that for a second. A lot could be done with $37 billion dollars. Where are we at with things?

The big question is the Senate. How accurate is the polling of late? Nobody really knows but good news, we’re about to find out.

Jon Stewart had a good interview with the Attorney General of Arizona where he was talking about this latest trend to not accept election results.

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