FIFA President. What the ?

I’m trying to make blogging a more regular thing. Mainly a thing while I digest my morning coffee and figure out all that’s going on with the world. You might want to call it brain droppings in training, as the opinion will be quite prone to changing over time. At the very least, you can’t say I lied to you when you started to read this turd of a website called ‘Big Waste of Time.’

FIFA President was supposed to give a commissioned speech about being welcome to the World Cup and the exciting days ahead. Instead, he turned it into a speech for an hour about Europe and the West. Saying bad things happened in Europe for 3000 years, so Europe should apologize for 3000 years. While I get what he’s saying. How about this? It was bad 3000 years ago and it’s bad now. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed.

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A lot are upset that a site got this World Cup because of the unfair treatment of citizens. Women, gays, etc. To FIFA, I say you can do better, and you should. Originally when Qatar bid for the World Cup they said they’d waive local laws regarding alcohol consumption in the stadiums as it’s not allowed in public. They get the World Cup. Fast forward to a few days ago and they suddenly announce….nope. Sorry. No alcohol will be sold during any of the matches. I’ve seen this before. Where is it? Oh yeah.

Taylor Swift

Ticketmaster and LiveNation screwed up the sales of Taylor Swift. Have you seen the prices of the tickets? Some going for as high as $20,000. Crazy. Artists like Billy Joel, Pearl Jam, Garth Brooks, and many others have systems that control the prices of their tickets. That’s how it should be.

Sorry, Taylor, but you should have done better for your fans. Ok ok Ticketmaster/Livenation is also a problem.


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Not sure if you watch Yellowstone. But judging by the ratings of the show, it’s done tremendously well. The show is slowly foreshadowing the loss of the Dutton Ranch. Losing all of it. If you think about maximum drama, then this is where we are headed.

I think this woman that was hired by the New York firm is going to be a big part of things. I like to call her ‘Brunette Beth Dutton.’ Takes no shit, isn’t afraid to give it, embraces her sexuality, etc. I think she’ll have a big hand to play, which my guess will be it’ll force John Dutton to see that his safest play is to move the ranch into tribal hands.

Golfer Fun

Charles Barkley is always enjoyable for me. Golf swing has come a long way.

Happy Saturday everyone!