The Match. Dud

Fourteen days until Christmas, and I’m going to try and blog every single one of them. I’m warning you that some of these posts may be a giant turd sandwich or a big waste of time. Get it. Good. We’re together on this.

The Match

I wish it was better. It makes me miss the days of Freddie Couples, Jack Nicklaus, Arnie, and Tiger. You know the ‘Skins Game.’ Something very classic about it and also nostalgic.

This seemed kinda gimmicky. Playing it at night under the lights for only twelve holes. Several players saying,”Oh, it’lll be different. More difficult to read putts due to the shadows and darkness.” Well, duh, no kidding. If only there were a solution to this. Oh yeah. Play during the day.

Jordan Speith and Justin Thomas were clicking. Much like they were for the President’s Cup. You can bet they’ll be paired together for the Ryder Cup.

Anyone remember Phil Mickelson?

Nope. He’s still sitting there on the sidelines. Does anyone remember all of the ‘Making golf better?’ Growing the game? All he really did was take a dump truck of money to play golf even less and trash his legacy in the process.

Moving on….

Our friends Eric and Nicole invited us to watch this musical in Burbank called Die Heart. It’s supposed to be Die Hard with the music of Heart. I was curious how they’d mix this in.

YouTube player

It was fun. Decently put together. Not a high-budget production, but still enjoyable to watch. Our seats were slightly elevated as which made it easier to see what was happening on the sides of the production.

YouTube player

My only slight critique. I couldn’t figure out why they only wanted to play 15 seconds or so of songs and only played one in a 3/4 entirety. Answer? If they play for 15 seconds, it’s considered sampling. They pay nothing in royalties. Still, I enjoyed it. Also enjoyed all of the company and somehow avoided sitting in any traffic. Thanks again, Eric/Nicole, for the enjoyable time.

Sunday TV

Tonight we have some good television. The season finale for ‘The White Lotus’ which has been another solid performer.

Then onto Yellowstone.

Have an excellent Sunday!