Morning Shots January 9 2022

Good morning everyone. One of my New Year’s resolutions was actually to blog more. To put this turd of a blog to good use. A good place for you to waste some time and perhaps have a laugh or two. I had a few things that popped into my interest column this weekend.

ChatGPT. Have you heard of it? It’s the latest (One of the latest) that is the latest attempt at showcasing what AI can do. If you’re used to Siri and Google’s AI then imagine it actually much smarter and truly highly functional. Jordan Peterson does a good job discussing it below and just how (scary) good it is. Give it a watch.

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Moving onto something comical. The House is expected today to vote on its rule package. Consider myself not a fan as I have a feeling that far too many concessions were made to appease a small group. This small group (Freedom Caucus) wanted a reduction of the number of members necessary for a role call vote to remove the Speaker. To lower it from five to one. Freedom Caucus members knew what they were doing with this one as at any point they’re not happy they can just call for a vote, hold their Freedom Caucus lines, and we’re right back where we were without the numbers for a electable Speaker. I’m calling it now. Why does this matter? Next August we have a vote on extending the debt ceiling. Our economy cannot afford to default and play with the nations credit rating again as it might send us into a recession. Though, all isn’t lost. If you need a laugh you’ll find it below in this video.


Everything changes when you know what McCarthy and Gaetz actually said #congress #kevinmccarthy #mattgaetz #badlipreading

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Golf Time

You gotta feel a bit bad for Colin as he let a seven shot lead slip away. He’ll be back though. He’s a tough cracker and he’ll get thru this.

Moving on…

Prince Harry has his book coming out tomorrow. He’s a guy that’s been thru the ringer and back again. Tabloid Press largely responsible for the death of his mother and you can see just how much damage it did. Fearful that the same might happen to his wife he left for the Unites States. Can you blame him? I’ll give the book a read and see where it goes. Hopefully all the best parts haven’t been revealed.

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CES is happening right now. Big items discussed are LED cars and companies really trying to capitizle on health products. One of the biggest is Withings making a product that sits in your toilet that you urinate on and it’ll give you health readings. I guess it can tell the difference between toilet water and your urine by the temperature of the water. Unless you’ve got a heated toilet 😂

The LED cars though. Kinda cool. Gone will be the decision as to what color car you want to buy. BMW gave a short demonstration with Arnold and we’ll see if it ever reaches production. My guess is not a chance in hell.

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