I’m Back

I’m thrilled to be sitting here, typing away at my keyboard, as the familiar rhythm of words flows through my fingertips once again. After a brief hiatus, I’m delighted to announce that I am back in the blogosphere, ready to embark on a new chapter of interests, insights, and musings. Now, armed with fresh perspectives and renewed passion, I return to this virtual platform with a burning desire to connect, inspire, and engage with each and every one of you. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, find a cozy spot, and let’s dive into this revitalized journey together. Welcome back to my blog, and thank you for reading.

warm coffee drink
Photo by Daria Obymaha on Pexels.com

I’ve got my morning coffee so lets go. Playoff basketball season is upon us and it’s rather exciting to watch especially as we’re approaching the finals. As a kid, I was glued to the tv adjacent to my parent’s bedroom watching the NBA games with Michael Jordan. Michael left, the team got dismantled, and I have never been convinced the Bulls ownership was serious after that. So there went my loyalty to the team. It’s nice watching games without a team loyalty.

It does get a bit old watching the same old. Screen and launch three. Drive to the lane and kickout for a three. The game is more about just launching the three. I’ll be curious what the ratings are this year for the games as the NBA has been fighting declining viewership. They always cited Covid as one of their defenses. So what will it be now?

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I’m excited. Take my money.