Halloween FunTober is here

It’s my favorite time of year—the spooky time of Halloween. The entire month. Break out the horror films, break out the pumpkin candy, and for me – even break out the pumpkin coffee.

Anyway. Moving on as this is my dailies fun recap.

Jennifer Garner decided to get everyone back for an Alias reunion. Well, everyone, except the show creator JJ Abrahms and Bradley Cooper 😂

Suppose you hadn’t read my earlier in the week post about having Covid-19. Yes. That happened. I got lucky as my symptoms weren’t near as bad as my wife’s and was just some head congestion—no fever, sweats, headache, etc. I do find it interesting, though, that at a gathering that we had many weeks ago that every single person tested positive for Covid-19 despite every single person at the event being vaccinated. Like I said, these vaccines are just a safety net with some additional padding against getting sick. That’s fine that they are but let us not give people this concept of feeling like they’re invulnerable and feeling like they’re ‘93% safe’ with your Moderna/Phizer, etc. If you’re of an older age you need to just ask yourself if it’s a risk you’re willing to take.

Moving on….no other choice.

I’ll end this with a funny post from the Dan Patrick show. One of the ‘Danett’s’ Paulie had a bet that Michael Phelps would be in the last olympics or else he had to wax his chest and come to work wearing a Michael Phelps speedo. So yeah…that happened.