Covid. My Turn

Yep. It’s my turn. Take a swig pass it around. 99 bottle of Covid on the wall. My wife had it nearly two weeks ago and that kind of freaked me out with the heart condition that she has. Things can go south with that really fast.

I kept testing over and over while she had it. Every evening it was my ritual to take another test and always negative. I thought I was going to be one of these weird couples where one gets it and the other was completely immune. Sure enough though. Finally, that stick turned positive. Yes. I was pregnant 😂 Which made sense with the symptoms that I was feeling of late. A bad head cold. Off I go yesterday to get an antibody treatment. I’m not sure why we’re not advertising this more. Anyway. I just keep wondering what I’d be like if I hadn’t been vaccinated at all. What isn’t being talked about? We had a gathering weeks ago and all of us were vaccinated and every single one of us ended up with Covid-19. Not a single person avoided it. Is it because pharma doesn’t want to change the messaging to ‘We’ll greatly reduce your symptoms and we’ll keep you out of the hospital.’ from the current messaging that is ‘We’re 93% effective.’

Funny though. While in the observation room, which was required for 30 minutes, it’s kind of a really boring moment. What makes that moment worse? Stuck in a room that’s 15 feet by 15 feet and the only person you’re in it with decides to take a phone call. Seriously WTF!?!

Normally I’d let it go. But, with my Covid-19 diagnosis, I was in a fuck-it mood. So I chime in (since he was having the conversation right in front of me) and ask him questions about his conversation. He tells me , “That conversation was private.” I tell him,”Well, for a private conversation, I sure do know an awful lot about you. How do you think that happened?”