Streaming Budgets Explode. Ryder Cup

Sunday afternoon was here and gone. Weird day. Ryder Cup USA won, but my Chicago Bears lost. Even worst, they looked like a team that was lost. That loss was simply an embarrassment to the franchise.

Ryder Cup. The USA showed up to play and brought their youth. As I said in yesterday’s blog post, the significant advantage we had was the number of picks that we had. It provided us with flexibility and to set up for the course that we knew ahead of time. I imagine Europe will look at bringing something similar soon.

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Moving on…..

TV providers are in big trouble. Cox, DirectTV, etc. They’re about to get lapped by these streaming boxes that can already do 4k out of the box. AppleTV and Roku are selling more of these boxes than ever. Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Paramount + they’re all in the streaming game now and spending more and more on budgets.

Netflix is about to release their most expensive movie ever. ‘Red Notice’

The first clip was just released from the Netflix film that comes out next month. Mmmm, Gal Gadot. Yes, for you ladies Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson. Do you think during sex his wife says ‘Oh Rock. Oh, Rock.’ I don’t know why that thought popped into my head.

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Mark Hammill – Yes, I’m aware most of you know him as Luke Skywalker. But, he’s also done an excellent voice of the Joker. It was his birthday—so happy birthday, Mark.

Liz Cheney said she finally supports same-sex marriage. I’m honestly surprised that it took this long for her to say this. (Shakes head)

Arizona Finalized their Results

So reading the WSJ article, Arizona finally completed their audit, to which former President Trump said there was massive fraud. What was the finding? No fraud. Not only no fraud, but they added to Biden’s tally by some nearly five hundred votes. The odd part to me is they’d hire a company to do a hand recount that had zero experience in doing so.

Cmon. Aren’t we better than this?

Wife’s Covid

Wife’s Covid is clearing up nicely. She spent Saturday working and pulling weeds when I wanted her to relax and resting. Good luck! I think the CDC has dramatically underestimated how much these Delta (perhaps other new variants) are bypassing the vaccines. What’s important? Treatments. Treatments are going to be the endgame and only solution that we’ll have. You get a cold/flu/etc, and you go to the store, and you get cold meds. This needs to be the same with Covid-19.


Lauren it sounds like had a busy day moving in. I wish her nothing but the best in her new place. 😀

Edit 8:04 PM. Lauren moved out. Busy day packing. Doesn’t move in for a few more days. Still cheers are in order for all the packing being done.