Covid Hits Home

Yes. I’m back to blogging. Ironically, it’s not what I wanted to be blogging about. My wife and some of our friends have recently all tested positive for Covid-19. My wife last week had a cold/cough combo, and I kept telling her, ‘ya know people do still get colds.’ She was determined to get a Covid-19 test. Off she went, tested, and was negative. A few days later, she felt better. We had some friends over, and then she started to feel worse. By early this week, she again wanted to get tested, and low-and-behold she tested positive.

I’ve just been going thru my normal routine. No quarantining away from her. If I get it. I get it. Everyone here has been vaccinated. I’m kind of becoming of the opinion that we’re all just going to get it and it’s just a matter of time. Some of us will also get it multiple times as we deal with the various variants.

Anyway, regardless, with treatments and vaccinations it should be something we all (most of us) can get thru with moderate hardships.

As my wife is in quarantine mode and I am as well (even though I’ve been testing negative each day) Side note. The friends that have texted her or kept in touch with her during this you’ve been a lifesaver.

Ryder Cup

The RyderCup has started and it’s the usual going on. Europe coming out strong and America firing back. Below is a video from Jordan Spieth this morning.


I thought I’d post a photo while out walking in the neighborhood.