Covid. Covid. Covid.

I’m tired of talking about it. It’s definitely a discussion point that everyone wants to talk about. Different countries have different protocols. What is required for Airport travel? What’s required for this? That? What test are you getting? How good is that test?

My wife’s sister came to town from Germany. She only visits about every decade and some change and she was looking forward to seeing my step-son Derek and his wife. Surprise! Derek tests positive for Covid-19 after being at a gathering days earlier. Instantly, there goes any opportunity of him/his wife joining the family gathering.

What’s to learn from this? Don’t put yourself in situations with a lot of people where you might be able to catch this. Especially before important family gatherings or someone you’d like to see or someone that might be very vulnerable. It’s Christmas time. Think about whether you want Christmas to be with family or do you want it to be in quarantine because you wanted to act like nothing was happening.

Axios is saying that UK cases are on the rise. Also, they had a published paper where they mentioned that Phizer is only 30% effective against Omicron and that AstraZeneca does absolutely zero against it. Great. So we got that going for us. 😂

Moving on….

My wife’s sister is here from Germany. So yesterday morning I started by showing her Jo-Jo Rabbit. She started out finding it amusing. Then it turned to ‘this is very unrealistic.’ Well, of course it is. It’s sattire.

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Again. It’s satire people.

Have an excellent rest of the weekend everyone!