Christmas Eve 2021

As if the year wasn’t weird enough with everything with Covid-19 going on. Last year the saving grace was we still had our family together and it made everything feel quasi-normal. Then the middle of December, my oldest step-son Derek tested positive. I kept thinking that the worst case was his wife would test positive fairly soon after, she’d quarantine her days, and then we’d have our Christmas as normal.

Turns out I wasn’t even close. Derek’s wife tested positive on Christmas Eve. So then it creates a weird dilemma. What does Derek do? How contagious is he being that he’s already over it and over his quarantine period? Obviously, he’s in the clear but the right decision for him is to spend Christmas with his wife at home.

Crazy to think of it all. How do I feel at the moment? If you missed it above. Here ya go.

Anyway, I seriously hope your Christmas eve is better than mine so far. Here’s to hoping we make the best of it tomorrow and tonight.

I’ll try and post some goodness and good news tomorrow. Maybe even some from our Christmas gathering.

Until then. Christmas Eve