One Week until Christmas

Yep. Did you guess it? One week until Christmas. With all of the supply chain issues, if you’re waiting until this long, you might be out of luck. What are you doing the week before Christmas?

I was going thru my social feeds this morning, and I came across this old video from my old golf group. It was below showing Dougie and Pete.

The news media was overly critical of Ben by saying that he’d still be drinking if he was in his marriage. I couldn’t believe it when I was reading it as he was really being brutally honest about his situation. Also – the interview is nearly two hours long. Ben said he appreciated being able to do a long-form interview and drop f*bombs and just talk normally. Ben pointed out that he didn’t appreciate the sound bites taken from the interview. He clarified this on Jimmy Kimmel and talked about some other interesting subjects such as Batman and being directed by George Clooney.

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If you’re curious and wondering about what film Ben was directed by George Clooney in. It’s the just released film, The Tender Bar. It’s in select theaters as of yesterday and will be on Amazon Video in January. It’s getting good reviews.

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Moving on…..I’m off to see my daughter Joy today. Excited. She’s growing up so much and it seems each time I see her more time has passed and she’s onto her next stage of life. She’s about to start her High School years and I just want her to take a minute and look around. Enjoy it!

Also – my step-daughter Lauren arrives for Christmas. Always an enjoyable time to have her home for the holidays.