Omicron Explodes.

Happy Thursday everyone. Or kinda. I guess. The news breaking this morning is Omicron cases are exploding in the US and everywhere for that matter. The biggest issue is testing. People have started to flood ER’s for “free” tests rather than order them online (good luck finding them) or going to like covid testing sites where you drop $100-$150 and you’ll get two different varieties of tests done.

I’ve been following this physician in the UK named Dr. John Campbell on YouTube. His channel has kind of exploded with a very simple premise. Give the people data. Some brief insight. Then let people decide what to do with the data themselves.

He makes what I think is a very valid point. Omicron statistically is dominant over Delta and it’s going to displace it (statistically it already is in the UK) but the symptoms are as a whole milder than that of Delta. Symptoms range from headaches to lethargy but no damage to the lungs as Delta is doing. So yes that is the good news of all of this. Here’s his latest episode from yesterday. Highly recommend giving it a watch.

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Bill Kristol, who’s become of my favorite political commentators, pointed out the Bulwark podcast that “testing” is going to be one of the biggest failures of the federal government. President Trump put his focus on the vaccine and not testing. President Biden continued that push for vaccines but never took testing that seriously. President Biden even to his detriment went on to say that this is a state issue and not a federal one. Sorry Joe, not sure I agree there. We should be able to go to any store (CVS, Walgreens, grocery) and get a test. Have it covered by insurance and make it easy and fast.

Moving on.

People that are like ‘There were no hits for the year.’ Well you obviously weren’t venturing out of your demographic of music.

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I’m not even a country fan but this is kinda good 💪🏻 Have an excellent Thursday.