Why Count Cases

Happy Day after New Year’s. Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year/New Year’s Eve. Ours was eventful and I actually made it to midnight. Look out! Excellent friends over for an excellent time. Thanks, M&M for being so enjoyable on New Year’s eve.

The Guardian had an article that I agreed with talking about the metric of counting cases and that because Omicron is so less severe than other Covid-19 variants that the metric of counting case numbers is less relevant. Experts are making the case saying that we’ve reached the point in the pandemic that cases just create unnecessary worries and that the metric we should be using is only hospitalizations and death. Canada has already taken this approach after a record number of cases and would no longer focus on daily case rates. Myself – this seems like sound advice.

Also some good news if you’ve had Omicron.

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Moving on….

Not sure if you’ve seen the Blockbuster film ‘Spiderman No Way Home’. Definitely, an interesting flick as it embraces the multiverse for Marvel movies. Basically, it’s that there are multiple versions of the same person living in different timelines. A better deep dive into what happened in the film is found here. (Spoilers)

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Coming up. January 6th

It’s been nearly a year since that moment where a bunch of tourists decided to hang out and have smores and a good time at the capital 😂 No, all kidding aside. It’s crazy that we had this happen in our country. Just think of how close we were to not having democracy working the way it should. ‘Nah. I won’t certify the election results’ Think about that for a second. I blame social media and all those should be held accountable. No place for this in our democracy. Nutjobs.

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Also this just in.

Marjorie Taylor has been banned from Twitter permanently for spreading false Covid information. The day is looking up. She had this statement 😂

Social media platforms can’t stop the truth from being spread far and wide. Big Tech can’t stop the truth. Communist Democrats can’t stop the truth. I stand with the truth and the people. We will overcome!

– Rep. Marjorie Greene