January 6th Idiots

I had this well-thought-out blog post for this day all-put together. I pulled it back as I thought it was too over-the-top. Perhaps it wasn’t enough said. But I’ll summarize my thoughts on what happened in this country a year ago.

What happened a year ago should have never happened and it’s a stain on democracy and the United State of America.

It was led by a bunch of sore losers and organized by the chief sore losers Steve Bannon and Donald Trump. If they had any shred of decency and value for the constitution it would have been a far far cry from even remotely happening.

Yes, the party of Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln. Lead this day.

The Constitution. It’s a big document that our founding father’s created that is maybe one of the most valuable documents in mankind. I’m fairly certain I remember Donald Trump being sworn in, hand on the bible, raising his right hand, and taking an oath to defend/protect the constitution of the United States.

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Not only himself. The President. But every member of Congress. Think about what President Trump wanted Congress to do. Vote to de-certify the election. There was an internal memo that was given to the January 6th committee that detailed the possibility of seating their own chosen electors instead of the ones from the States. Think about that for a second. We’d allow Senators or the Majority Party to overrule the will of the people in elections.

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The biggest question really is: How did we reach this point?

It wasn’t just one rally. It was years of people believing falsehoods, conspiracy theories, and alternative viewpoints with little to no pushback. Liz Cheney brings up a lot of valid points.

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Have a good Thursday everyone!