January 6th Committee Findings

Cue up some good music. How about some Five Finger Death Punch and their ‘Gone Away’ song? Sounds good. Yeah, it’s that kind of morning. The music video is really good as well.

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I had taken a break from blogging as, really, there was so much going on that didn’t need commentary.

Did you follow the January 6th panels? How do you seriously look back and just go ‘ok he’s absolutely nuts.’

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If you try and look at this thru the lens of not being party specific. Try and escape your tribalism of what party you feel loyalty to. Stop saying things like ,”It’s just a few thousand people misbehaving…” Then just ask yourself some basic questions.

Should this have happened? No. The Capitol building was under siege and the President of the United States stood by and watched. Did nothing.

Who bears responsibility? I’d like to say the President bears responsibility for everything that happens on his watch. The buck stops with him. Full stop.

My take: The tribalism in this country has gotten way out of control. Enough of this you’re either with us or against us. The President is not a dictator and isn’t above the constitution.

San Diego Comic-Con Goodness

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Hope you have an excellent Sunday.