Will Smith. You’ve Got to be Kidding Me

I got a text last evening with this insanity that was this Will Smith crap last evening. Nothing is more silly to me than a celebrity acting like a drama queen. Staged? I don’t know. Some signs point to it and some don’t.

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Many don’t know that these two (Rock and Smith) actually play basketball with Adam Sandler (sandman) during the summers in New York. So they have some backstory. Is it impossible to think that these two concocted a skit to try and draw some attention? I don’t know. I do think Will Smith does look like an idiot as first he was laughing at the joke. In which btw – the joke was saying that his wife Jada looked like she was preparing for GI Jane 2. For those that don’t know, GI Jane is a badass.

Granted I’m sure Chris Rock wasn’t aware of Jada’s medical condition but, hey, if you’re going to the Oscars where you get $150,000 goodie bags then you can take a few hits at yourself being bald. Just my two cents.

But the bigger question here that has stand-up comics are rilled up and rightfully so is now people are rushing the stage for something they don’t like. We’ve reached a new low. Howard Stern touched on it.

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Also, Dan Patrick had a good segment discussing it.

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It’s a shame as this doesn’t shine more light on the films. It’s a distraction that didn’t need to occur. This just in: Looks like Will Smith made a weak apology to Chris Rock.