May 7th 2022. Weekend is here

I’m back to blogging. Lookout. Don’t bother getting out of bed for this one though as it’s more of a recap of some subjects that have been on the radar.

Lets jump right in on a few things. Obi-Kenobi series comes out next week. I’d be more excited for it if it didn’t have a PG rating. With all the re-writes and delays and this and that I’ll be more surprised if the series doesn’t suck.

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Sydney Sweeney was on ‘The Tonight Show’. I’ve always enjoyed her, hey she’s easy on the eyes. Decently fun in Euphoria. One of the main points they discussed with Jimmy Fallon was all the memes that have been created because of her on the show.

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Below is one of my favorites of her.

Moving onto something a bit more serious….

The Supreme Court draft got leaked. A lot of outlets are quick to say that the left leaked this. I’ve never bought that narrative completely. If you’re a Conservative clerk at the Supreme Court that has held Pro-Life beliefs – what’s one of the best ways to get votes held to the fire (locked in if you will) ? Release the document showing where the judges have voted.

Notice if you will you don’t see Conservatives celebrating the (potential) overturn of Roe v. Wade. Why aren’t they on every news station/podcast saying ,”Hey it took us fifty years but we got it for you.” Why isn’t that happening? Public opinion has changed over the fifty years. Some eighty percent support Roe v Wade, and some 68-72% support providing a woman with the right to choose in her first trimester. Now the genie is out of the bottle and the conservative party is going to be held to the fire. While that isn’t a problem in the Southern states it is a problem in battleground states like Texas and Florida.

Moving on….

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It seems like Lee Westwood is one of the first to rationalize his taking Saudi Arabia’s money to play golf. I’m sorry but where the money comes from does and should matter.

Have an excellent weekend everyone!