Back Blogging. Wife’s Birthday

Yep. Your nightmare is complete. The blog is back from my semi-self-imposed sabbatical. Why? With all the Ukraine/Russia war going on it seemed rather silly to have a blog going on where I’d have to mention the atrocities that are happening. I know I could just use to not write about it but then it feels like I’m just trying to pretend it’s not happening. At least the below is a decent song.

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Are you up on social norms? I had been trying to figure out the proper etiquette for who pays for the birthday dinner? Some websites suggest it should be the host in which it would be the birthday person. That doesn’t seem right. Then I was reading this long forum on Reddit here where it’s heavily mentioned that everyone would chip in and pay their own as long as the “birthday person” doesn’t pay. I don’t fricken know?!?!

Anyway. Last evening some good friends and I took my wife out to Antica Trattoria. One of her favorite Italian restaurants. We’ve never had a bad experience there. Well, until kinda yesterday. Service. Service. Service. Entirely slow. The food was excellent. Drinks slow. We had to constantly try to get the waitresses’ attention. Shame. But what can you do about it?

I’m sure I’ll touch more on her birthday in tomorrow’s post.

Moving on….

Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters has died. Tragic. I feel for everything their family is going thru leaving behind a wife and kids without a father/dad. Rough. He had a rough time with drugs and it’s rough to hear of these moments.

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Now Dave Grohl has lost two bandmates and has to be wondering about the music business lifestyle.

Moving on….Cubs news.

The Cubbies dropped $85 million guaranteed for this Japanese star named Seiya Suzuki. Hits for some power but more than that he’s a smart batter. He had more walks than strikeouts last year in the Japanese league. So Chicago recruits him and takes a big chance. He’s on the only player on the Cubs roster with a contract locked in for the 2025 and 2026 seasons.

So far he’s demonstrated that he’s got a sense of humor. He gave this quote and after getting a tour of Wrigley Field and seeing his name on the scoreboard.

I had that adrenaline rush when I saw my name on that billboard. But if I keep striking out like today, someone’s going to throw some beer at me someday. If someone throws beer on me, I’m going to be scrunched up in the corner in right field.

– Seiya Suzuki
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Have an excellent Saturday everyone!