The Batman. Spoiler Free

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So things finally loosened up mask-wise and county level wise and it finally felt like normal to attend a movie. I went and saw ‘The Batman’ at 11:30 yesterday at a fully packed Dolby Cinema. This movie did an excellent job of taking from the Batman Year One and Year Zero comics where Bruce Wayne/Batman are finding their way. Very early infancy. Gotham just thinks he’s a psycho and only one person really trusts him – Commissioner Gordon.

The movie is a bit long but I will say that I almost enjoyed the plethora of details and storyline that we’re given. Matt Reeves is a very thorough guy who gives the audiences lots of story and detail. He did an amazing job directing The Batman. I kinda love that Bat-cave btw. Just my two cents.

Fans need to realize that Matt Reeves has said his plan for this is a trilogy. A lot of directions that this can go. One thing that didn’t really get flushed out a lot and got slightly confusing and unless you know a lot of the backstory you’d be left wondering.

There are two big families that basically founded Gotham. The Waynes and the Arkhams. Martha Arkham wed Thomas Wayne. Martha’s mother killed her father and Martha while dealing with this grief ended up in and out of mental institutions. Eventually, founding Arkham Asylum.

I definitely liked the music choice for using ‘Something in the Way’ by Nirvana. Excellent!

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If you’ve already seen the movie. Probably one of the best reviews I’ve seen is below (Does contain spoilers). Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

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