Steak. Steak. Steak

We had a wonderful night out with our friend’s Eric and Nicole. Excellent fun time. We do this thing where we bet on golf’s four majors, but rather than one person taking home a small pot of money, it must be spent on a dinner together. The winner gets to pick the dinner spot. It would be nice if I won more often 😂 So far this year, I’m 0-2. A little funny that the Uber I ordered for the trip to dinner said it would arrive in one minute because it was my neighbor the next street over. Thanks for being such good friends and enjoyable to hang out with. 👍🏻

I did enjoy my steak. But only so many ways you can screw up a good steak.

A bit of a funny bit. Louis Oosthuizen was talking about how it’s South African golf tradition that if someone has honors on the tee box for nine straight holes you owe them a pair of socks. For all eighteen holes? It’s a bottle of Whiskey. Well, Louis led for nine holes during the practice round with his South African lads.

So they paid up. Also, gotta love Brandon’s hat.

Moving on. Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible Part 1 comes out soon. How’d I forget that Agent Carter from Marvel’s Endgame is in it? Anyway. There is a good interview with her on BBC Radio 1 and the video is below.

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I love a good come-from-behind race. Nothing better than a 10-time Champion losing to someone unexpected and in one of the ultimate races – the Steeplechase.

Check it out below.

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Enjoy your Sunday!