Rain from Hilary. Dinner. Mmmm

Well, well, well, look who’s back to grace us with their keyboard strokes! It seems like ages since I’ve put out a blog post. I’m so glad you’re returning to the blogging world. I mean, who else will keep you entertained with their witty humor and insightful musings? You may end up wishing I was back on hiatus.

It’s dark ole 6 am and I’m up and writing this. The rainstorm so far is more like a fart but I’m still holding out that it’ll be we forecasted. It probably will just it’s a case of nobody knows what’s going to happen with this thing once it hits land. By the way, it’s Hurricane Hilary, not Hillary. There isn’t two L’s. I know all the political pundits are disappointed.

Let us get to some news.

Spain beat England to win the Woman’s World Cup. I imagine ratings were reasonably bad, especially with the USA ladies out of it. We’ll see. I’m curious what they’ll be. Some news outlets were making a story out of England deciding not to wear their customary white home shorts for the ladies. Why? In case some of the ladies were on their periods. Yep. That’s a thing.

Russia had its Luna-25 spacecraft crash into the moon while trying to prepare for landing. I guess it spun out of control and crashed—nothing like making a dent in the moon to show how good your space program is.


Dinner with friend’s Doug and Jenn is always fun. Good lively conversation. So much history. From Jenn being at our house for one of their first dates to Doug knowing all my wife’s kids. It’s incredible how much we’ve all changed and how far things have come.

We had good conversations about our kids, bad Uber experiences, facial work, Steve Jobs, Astros, and Election fun. To say it was all over the place is probably being generous. Regarding the Astros, though, I came across this tidbit that Bob Costas did that said much of what we were saying.

YouTube player

We had a conversation of Steve Jobs’s pancreatic cancer and that he could have saved himself. That what he had when diagnosed was very treatable. I couldn’t quite put my foot on the exact wording as I had just re-read about it in Walter Issacson’s book on Steve Jobs. He was the guy that was granted in-depth access to Jobs and his life in those final months. But then I remembered that Walter talked about it on 60 minutes. Video below.

Have a good Sunday.