Oliver Anthony. Rich Men North of Richmond

Let us start this Monday off on the right foot with one of my new favorite songs by Oliver Anthony. It’s a good song, and I’m happy this independent artist is getting his voice out—top of the Itunes charts. Maybe I’m a bit partial, as he’s a fellow ginger. 😂 Give it a listen.

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I can sympathize with his message, though I think his message is being lost. Parties from both sides are trying to use his song and twist it into something it’s not meant to be.

Debates. Debates. Debates.

Wednesday, there is a debate on Fox with what should be all the Republicans running. Trump decided he won’t attend. Why? It’s anyone’s guess. I think he views it as no upside, as some people on the debate stage are far more skilled in the art of debate than he is.

How’s it not mandatory for both parties that if you’re the nominee or going thru the nomination process you’ll debate anyone? They should have part of their charter that they require this.

Now this metric I also apply to Biden. If your physical faculties don’t allow you to debate and discuss your ideas with someone else who wants to be President, if you can’t do that, then you don’t deserve to be on the ticket.

Moving on…..

I went thru phases of being a fan of Hardball with Chris Matthews. He has since mostly retired from cable television after nearly two decades. The Breaking Points cast (excellent show) had him on and things got a bit fiery in some segments.

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Brooks Koepka is now out of an automatic qualifying for the Ryder Cup. Do you think he will get picked?

Have an excellent Monday!