Oh Hilary. Oliver. Debates

Hilary came and went. It looks like most of California did well avoiding most of the roughest parts of it, which seemed to happen in the desert mostly. I think probably after what happened in Maui; the forecasters were trying to over-prepare for it. At the very least, the people of California mostly got lucky.

It’s always kinda funny to me that now we’re trying to brand music with a political label. If someone sings about the poor oh they must be a Democrat. But someone sings about the dollar not going far enough and rich people keeping them down. Then I guess they must be a Republican. It makes no sense to me. I found this especially ironic as I had played his music in yesterday’s post. I could say it’s a damn shame 😂

Moving on…..

I have several drafts that I’ve been working on for upcoming posts, which should hit sometime this week, perhaps. Some exciting subjects definitely. I’ll tell you this. I’ll be correct about subjects. I’ll be wrong about others. That’s OK. These are just my thoughts on this big waste of time blog. Let us try not to be so serious all the time.

I enjoy the Chris Williamson show ‘Modern Wisdom’ and his deep dives on subjects. I’ll probably post the long-form interview with her tomorrow. Good interview discussing how to predict the end of marriages.

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It’s debate night for the Republican party. Well, Republican less one. Again if you can’t show up for a debate of your ideas, then you’re just a coward. I’d say this about Biden as well if he doesn’t debate. My prediction: Chris Christie does his thing and showcases himself in the debates. It’s his specialty. Some good coverage below.

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Have a good Wednesday.