Movies. Movies. iPhone 15

Happy Friday to everyone.

We’re getting closer to the fall, and the fall movie releases come with that. As this writer’s strike moves into December the movie studios I imagine, will reach a point of feeling some need to get to the negotiating table. But, this is the time for independent film studios to shine as they’re not a part of SAG and can produce as they need. One such film that I really enjoyed is a film called ‘Past Lives’ It’s so far my lead for movie of the year and I could see it getting some Oscar buzz.

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It’s a rather deep story of two people. Their connection. The lives they have. It is not your typical movie, and in this age of special effects, it’s nice to see a film that is just ‘Life.’ Sure I get the need to escape from reality, and hey that’s fine. But this is a deeply personal story and also the film debut for writer/director Celine Song.

We got the first preview of the Ferrari film coming out this December with Adam Driver. I know he’s trying hard but every time I see his face I’m just like ‘Kylo Ren’ Daddy issues from Star Wars.

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Meg Ryan is returning to acting. Did we miss her? Oh good, she’s returning to direct her own film as well. (sarcasm) Just what we need is a film about airport love. Not just airport love but airport love with your ex-husband. Cmon. Really?!?

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iPhone 15

As many of you know, I’m a big techie in golf and photography. Apple announced their iPhone 15 event, where it’s the time of year for upgrades. What is the upgrade everyone is talking about that is likely coming to the iPhone 15? Periscope lens. No, it’s not something that pops out of the top of your phone like a submarine. Right idea. But the lens is something that runs along the inside of the phone and attaches to the lens. So you never see it. What are the advantages of this? A true zoom lens that is closer to a camera. So if you go to concerts or sporting events, you typically need to be much closer. This ‘periscope lens’ is for you. Due to the size of it, though, it’s rumored only to be coming to the iPhone Pro Max.

Perhaps the best way to explain it is with this image. As you can see from the image below. the periscope image on the right is much sharper. The left image is what our iPhones do today when we do any ‘pinch to zoom

I always tell people if you want the best image quality you should never ‘pinch to zoom’ on anything. You select from your lenses wide, standard, or telephoto. Then never pinch to zoom. With these new systems in the iPhone 15 Pro Max you’ll be able to do that with no loss in image quality.

Moving on….

I’ve enjoyed Dave Matthews’s new album. Still coming out with albums. Still touring. He’s definitely a guy that just loves playing music. The song below from his new album.

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A little bit of Politics.

How is it sometimes that Mitt Romney can say things that are so obvious but aren’t obvious to everyone? We’re headed towards another government shutdown with the debt ceiling.

Mike Murphy who’s a professional political operative had some very good takes on Trump, Biden, and the upcoming Republican primary.