Get off my Foot

I’m back and now with more regular fiber. 😂 There has been some talk this week about my blog, and even one person mentioned being an additional writer. You honor me and this little turd of a blog.

Ladies Golf

The Ladies US Open is underway and at one of the more noteworthy courses of Pebbly Beach. The LPGA tried to make a big deal of Michelle Wie’s last tournament appearance. Call me crazy, but for me it was kinda a nothing burger. Below is a video of how she finished making a putt but still missing the cut. Also one of my favorites – Kang didn’t make the cut.

Jim kinda sums up how I feel about it.

I was pulling for Anna Davis. Good personality and a good golf game. Good on you, Titleist for doing this walk-thru segment. Check it out.

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Moving on…..

As some people know I went and saw the latest Indiana Jones installment. ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.’ Lots of fun, and made me feel like I was young again watching all these films for the first time. I was also reminded of one of my favorite moments from the series from ‘Last Crusade’

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Tonight dinner with the Thomas’ and it should be a good time. I’ll try to be more thorough and cover some subjects tomorrow.

Thanks again as always for reading Big Waste of Time.