Succession Show Finale

Wednesday morning came on fast. Let’s go.

I’m trying to be back to my regular schedule of blogging. I had an excellent Memorial Day weekend with friends and family that I’ll have decompressed by probably mid-week.

Succession Show Finale happened. One of HBO’s most-watched shows, and that theme song keeps playing in my head. I give the writers a lot of credit. They found a way to keep me interested in a bunch of rich, entitled assholes devoid of souls. Each boy/daughter wants to control their dad’s empire. Take the throne and be CEO.

This scene from last year, I think is especially telling. Kendall tries to have a one-to-one with his Dad and negotiate to get himself out of the company. I thought what lead to this conversation was Kendall had realized what the environment was doing to him. How toxic it was.

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In the end, Dad sold it, and the kids received nothing more than giant dump trucks of cash. All three of the kids not getting what they wanted. In the end Kendall is lost and he’ll have to find a way to reconcile things in his head. The video below of the final scene doesn’t give anything away but is beautifully shot.

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