Saudi Golf League. Phil comments

Before I dive into some of my topics of interest let me say that I hope your weekend is off to a good start. So without further a-do, let us get into a few topics.

Saudi Arabia wants to get involved in American golf. So much so that they put a little over a billion dollars into an appearance fee fund to try and woo American and European Tour players in the Top 50 in the world. They then hired Greg Norman to be the commissioner and run it to get it off the ground. So, a few of the guys, it’s been rumored they’re handing out $20+ million dollar exclusivity deals. The goal is to build what they call a ‘Super Tour’ with only the top guys playing week in and week out for fourteen events in the United States and in Europe.

Phil Mickelson seems to be one of the leading names to be moving towards this. A good video segment below discussing it. Phil claims he doesn’t like the way the PGA Tour is ran. Hmmm. Lets think about this for a moment. You made over $800 million dollars in your career and suddenly….it’s not enough?!? He doesn’t like that he has to pay the PGA Tour for use of his achieved swings from the past. Hey – newsflash Phil – MLB owns all the footage off their players hitting home runs. Barry Bonds record-breaking home run. Yep – they own it. Joe Montana’s Super Bowl clinching throw? Yep, the NFL owns it. This is nothing new. What is new? Phil complaining about it. A good segment below talking about it. Also a good read for what started this all here. For myself personally, Phil you’ve lost a lot of respect by doing this. Your ego and greed are in the way.

Let us move on to something else…

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Coda is getting re-released into theaters to watch for free. This is Apple’s first movie that has been nominated for an Oscar about an entirely deaf family and their family dynamics.