Super Bowl 2022

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. But I’m going to be more regular about my blog. Ok ok stop laughing. I got it. Message received. I’ll make a larger effort. It’s not that I haven’t been blogging it’s that I get to the end of a morning blog post and realize what I’ve written is total shit. Then it’s a decision: Do I release this terd for all to see or do I just keep it for me? Well, you know the answer to that.

I get both sides of it honestly. From some friends telling me they enjoy my musings (big waste of time HaHa) to others telling me that don’t give a flying fart what I think. Not really the purpose of this blog to glamorize my opinion but more for me to put my thoughts down and get it out there.

Super Bowl is happening today. I wonder if we’ll get to see any good commercials.

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Moving on to the world of sports. The PGA Tour was in Phoenix for the Waste Management Open. They finally had a hole-in-one and the fans went nuts.

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Nothing quite like it in golf. I’m referencing the 16th at Waste Management with all the fans. More like a college frat party which I’m good with. I was joking with several of my buddies about the expectations of free drinks when you get a hole-in-one. It’s a tradition that when you make an in-hole-in that you buy a round for friends/everyone at the bar to celebrate your good fortune. I’ve known several people during Member-Guest tournaments that have had easily $500 to $1000 dollar bills. Hey – but it’s something that might never happen again. Now – I’m kidding about what I say next – Imagine Ryder’s bill with everyone at the Waste Management.

My pick for the Super Bowl. Not sure they’ll win. But I’m rooting for what I guess would have to be the underdogs – Bengals.

Paige in her Bengals attire.

Have a good Sunday everyone!