Red Notice Friday

Yes. It’s Friday and Red Notice has finally come out. Reviews are out and they’re not great. But, to Netflix’s advantage, if you pay their monthly fee you’re in and you can watch it.

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This new business model is here. Movies are shorter in the theaters. Gone are the days of digital releases only when the Blu-rays are ready for shipping. Now it’s release to the theaters and 30 days later (in some cases shorter) they come to the digital releases. It’s good for consumers.

Moving on…..Trump

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Trump gave a long interview at Mar-La-goo where he was fully supporting the people that were rioting against the certification of the election results. Look. Just because you don’t like the results doesn’t mean they’re fraudulent.

Anyone remember when Trump said for the better part of years that Obama wasn’t an American? That he had access to a doctored birth certificate. Fast forward to Trump running for President and he finally had to own it. He stuck his tail between his legs and said ‘Oh fine. I guess he’s an American.’ But – for years – he spread these lies.

Trump played a big gamble and won. He hoped that party loyalty would be stronger than any of his severe character faults. That was a bet he was willing to make and he was right. It still bugs me to this day that Republicans didn’t see thru him in his first election.

Trump still won’t admit he lost and that he was an embarrassment to our country by not supporting the transition to power in an orderly fashion.

Britney Yo

Britney won to end of conservatorship. This was meant for people that were disabled that couldn’t handle their own well-being and finances. We need to seriously look back and ask how the hell it ended up being like this.


People have often asked why can’t Facebook just give me a chronological list of my followings. Well, the answer got leaked in an internal memo to Congress. They did studies and their algorithm was better at bringing out user engagement with commented on controversial posts. Basically – it’s ‘hate’ drives up user engagement.

I’ve told my friend’s how to game the algorithm for a while. It’s no secret that you like nearly all the posts of people that you care about. Even if it’s something you disagree about because you want that post to show on the feed. What makes that rank higher in the algorithm? When you comment on the post. A like and a comment is the ultimate in the Facebook algorithm.

People think by scrolling past something that you’re actually teaching it. Nope. Zero. Nothing is learned.

For myself personally, I like posts and comment on them from people I agree with and disagree with. Why? I don’t want my feed to be a sounding board of everything I agree with. How’s that helpful?


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Barkley had a good take on everything going with Scottie. Enjoy your weekend everyone!