Palm Springs. Back Again

We had a short break out of the ordinary to Indio though it seemed like all the relevant interesting events were happening in Palm Springs. Food was excellent and always enjoyable to be around friends that are good with a laugh.

Golf recap. If you’re going to go this time of year expect a lot of the courses to be doing overseeding. Palm Springs/Indio is the perfect time of year to go as the weather is warmer and the pools are the perfect temperature. The downside is they charge a premium for golf this time of year. Add the recent back muscle injury I had while golfing a week ago and it made golf rather interesting. The first hole on Thursday I flew a ball out of bounds that I’m sure is swimming in a guy’s backyard. Next hole tee ball straight into a tree on the right and straight down for a total distance of about 30 yards. Yeah! So the first two holes were definitely my bright spots. Thursday’s course I think we only had one par three that was less than 200 yards.

Friday’s golf was much better. No back tightness so I could really get thru the ball.

Saturday morning was a mess. The breakfast plans got all screwed as (shocking) there is a wait for breakfast on the weekends. So off we went on home. I took the more mountainous direct path cruising most of the way at 50 mph and enjoying some sights I don’t normally see.

Moving on. Did anyone catch the SNL piece that Pete did last night? Quite funny. Video below.

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Moving on….Aaron Rodgers

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Let us get this straight. He just mentioned that he had a therapeutic. Aaron if it worked from getting Covid-19 it would be called something else. What’s that? Oh, it would be called a vaccine. Yeah. That’s it.

So you put out this BS that you want to have a discussion. You’re allergic to an ingredient in both of the MRNA vaccines. Ok. What’s that ingredient? Yeah. You won’t mention that.

Ok. Fine, we’ll just talk about the therapy you received. Oh, wait. You won’t say the name of that either. But we’re supposed to believe that you’re a critical thinker. 😳

Anyway. Have a good Sunday everyone!