Ghostbuster: AfterLife. Excitement

Ghostbusters: Afterlife hit theaters and I’ve enjoyed all the movies reviews so far. Sure there are some haters but that’s not why we go to the movies to see every film be an academy award winner.

I haven’t had a moment to go and see it but it’s definitely on my radar and I think it’ll be a Sunday activity for me to do. Yep – you guessed it. Avoiding all spoilers though I imagine it’ll be heavy on the Egon nostalgia as he passed away years ago.

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Evening out….

Our evening last night. The ladies put together a dinner at Antica Tritoria. So good. Damn! Then we stopped off at our usual bar for a quick drink with some other friends. Of course, my wife complains when we get to Hooley’s as she says “I’m not mentally stimulated right now. I prefer talking with Eric and Nicole.” I figured she’d feel that way as she was hanging out with four guys who were just talking sports.

There was some talk of college football. The big stuff is Oregon and Ohio State and where they’ll both end up. I, personally, think they’ll both be forgiven their losses and move onto prominent bowls. Ohio State is just rolling now and not the team they were at the beginning of the season. They’re clicking and firing on all cylinders.

Speaking of that. Currently watching them steamroll over Michigan State 28-0.


Yesterday was the verdict. Not guilty on all counts. The prosecution knew they had a tough case in-front of them. People that try to make this about white supremacy need to look at the details of what he was charged with. People tried to build this up as a 2nd amendment issue which it clearly wasn’t.

My only beef. The possession charge which was the easiest that he was guilty of. The Wisconsin law reads something like this –

Under Wisconsin law, anyone under 18 who possesses a dangerous weapon is guilty of a misdemeanor, unless they fall under an exception, such as for hunting, military service or target practice.’

He obviously wasn’t under one of the exceptions and was under the age of 18. Judges have to uphold the law and they can’t just decide what laws they like and don’t like. That’s up to the legislature to decide. The judge used his discretion in throwing out the possession charge by saying a normal person couldn’t understand the law. Huh?! I don’t get it. I understood it in plain English. Are you telling me a normal person can’t understand that? What about all the other people that have been charged in other courts in Wisconsin?

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Nothing quite sexier to me than an attractive woman and a high-powered rifle. Definitely, a worthwhile account to follow below:

Have a good weekend everyone! Yes! I’m back to blogging more regularly.