USMC Birthday 246 Years

Camp Lejeune celebrated the 233rd Marine Corps birthday with its annual Joint Daytime Ceremony at Liversedge Field, Friday. Pageant Marines wore period uniforms representing major conflicts. Attendees were reminded that throughout history, Marines continue to distinguish themselves on battlefields and foreign shores, in both war and peace.

There is always one day that usually rings true for United States Marines. It’s the Marines birthday. The day we were founded. November 10, 1775

“…as the next evolution of warfighting becomes our reality, it will still be the Marines who defend this Nation.”

– Gen. Berger, Commandant of the Marine Corps

People like to think of Iwo Jima. Sure that was important. But, for myself personally, I’m rather biased toward the Battle of Belleau Wood.

So many classic historic memorable lines that have come from that battle. “Cmon you son’s of bitches. Do you want to live forever?” “Retreat? Hell we just got here.”

Against insurmountable odds. Marines dug in. Surrounded. Pulled out victory against overwhelming odds and the Germans, due to the Marines merciless acts, nicknamed them ‘Devil Dogs’. An honor the Marines were glad to accept.

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If I’m to listen to words that sing the praises on the United States Marines. It’s usually from President Reagan. Many of you might know that in the back of my television set at home is the quote from Reagan “Marines don’t have that problem.”

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Semper Fi. Devil Dogs. Happy Veterans Day today.