Hello Friend, Long Time

I had stepped away from blogging for a bit. It’s a lot of looking at what I had written and thinking it’s crap. Which it probably is 😂 But, hey, it’s my crap.

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The “Thriller” music video is not only known for its iconic dance moves and captivating storyline but also for the mesmerizing voice of Vincent Price. Released in 1983, this John Landis-directed masterpiece showcased Michael Jackson’s incredible talent, but it was Price’s haunting narration that added another layer of mystique to the video. With his deep and enigmatic voice, Price delivered the spoken-word performance that perfectly complemented the eerie atmosphere of the video. His contribution elevated “Thriller” to a whole new level of artistry, creating a chilling and unforgettable experience for viewers. Even today, the combination of Jackson’s electrifying performance and Price’s haunting voice continues to captivate audiences, solidifying the “Thriller” video’s status as a truly iconic and timeless piece of pop culture.

The Ryder Cup is a legendary golf tournament that takes place every two years, pitting the finest golfers from the United States against their European counterparts. Established in 1927, the tournament is named after Samuel Ryder, an English businessman and golf enthusiast. The Ryder Cup follows a unique format, featuring various match play competitions where teams of skilled players compete for points. This prestigious event has become known for its electrifying atmosphere, fierce competition, and memorable moments on the course. Golf fans around the world eagerly anticipate the Ryder Cup, as it showcases the highest level of skill, sportsmanship, and team camaraderie in the game of golf.

It’s such a missed opportunity for Team USA. I was optimistic that with all the LIV drama and the loss of some players, Europe would be in a mode of trying to find its identity. Well, they found that rather fast. Such commodore. Songs.

My takeaway. All of our picks just played terribly. Why the guys had five weeks off going into the Ryder Cup is beyond me. Only two players, I think, had played some tournament golf. Just disappointing. Rested is taking the week off beforehand. Not four weeks in addition 😂

I think perhaps fewer Captain’s picks are necessary and pick more players based on merit. Cameron Young. Keegan. You guys should have been there.