Happy Birthday CF. Tribalism

We’re off to the races this fine Saturday morning. I’m back blogging and trying to make it a more regular thing.

It’s Carrie Fisher’s birthday. She’d have been 67 years old today. I had been wanting to write a tribute but everything I was writing was becoming more and more poetry.

In a galaxy not so far away,
A star was born, shining bright as day.
Carrie Fisher, a force to be reckoned with,
Your wit, charm, and strength, a lifelong gift.

From Leia’s buns to your pen’s sharp prose,
You conquered battles and faced down foes.
With honesty and humor, you shared your heart,
Breaking stigmas, playing a vital part.

In the realm of stars, you’ll always shine,
Your legacy endures, forever intertwined.
Though the force took you to the sky above,
You remain in our hearts, forever loved.

Happy Birthday, Carrie. Always in our memories.

I’d be kinda amiss if I didn’t share this dude on Twitter with his Labs. I just couldn’t resist.

Moving on….

I have been writing this long piece on why tribalism has deeply started to tear apart the fabric of our democracy. The erosion of constructive debate. Placing value in all ideas. Compromise is becoming taboo. People use alternative information to support their causes. Deep cognitive bias. Those are the main points. Maybe I’ll publish it later this week.

Also, what would have been easy points of expulsion from the House/Senate has now been deemed acceptable.

Does anyone remember Lauren Boebart talking about how important family values are…..?

When I look at Biden’s Israel speech that he gave on Thursday. Then you look at the attacks coming at him. Oh, he’s in cognitive decline. He’s falling apart. Of course, he is. The guy is eighty years old. But look in the mirror at the candidate that you’re going to be supporting.

Why can’t we just agree that all of these candidates are terrible and we’d like a do-over?!?

Two last things before I bid you adieu.

This funny clip below is good for fans of ‘The Office’. People that you didn’t know were on the show.

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Have you heard of this guy Victor Wembanyama? 7ft 4. Talk about never finding a bed that works. A lot of discussion of how good this kid can be. Some of it can be found in the video below. Andrew Perloff (of Dan Patrick Show fame) thinks he’ll be a bust.

I’m inclined to agree with him.