Modern Wisdom – Truth

You say that word ‘Truth’ does anyone really know what it means anymore? You research something relentlessly and then you can speak with some authority on subjects. Surely you’d think what you’d hear is the truth. But what you’re probably hearing is an opinion based on facts that they’ve accepted.

I’m a big fan of the Modern Wisdom podcast—deep dives on a lot of different subjects. One of them that frequently comes back is cognitive bias.

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A lot of good discussion there. One of the significant points is that people have adopted the view that the media is lying to us about everything. Eric makes a good point in saying that if Pearl Harbor were to happen today, we’d be deeply divided on what the truth was. Despite the fires, sunken naval vessels, etc. You’d have people saying,” Was it Japan?” “Is this a CIA psyop,” etc. People won’t believe it until it comes from their “news” source.

Maher was on Joe Rogan recently and discussed Liberal vs. Woke. I do find it interesting that he stated that on his show ‘Club Random’ all the topics he discussed along with the pot smoke, drinking, cigars, etc he’d have long been fired.

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Have a good Tuesday.