Guns. Obi-Wan. Jennifer Connelly

It’s a weird time in America. Guns have always been part of the dark underbelly of America and it’s becoming more and more so now. The ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ aren’t obviously working. Just saying that should make you want to laugh. I imagine God upstairs looking down and being like ,”Cmon. Really. This is on you. You created the damn guns.”

I think we’re becoming a bit numb to it which isn’t a good thing. Kids. Kids are getting gunned down before they’ve even had a life. David Frum, who used to work for the George Bush administration had some good points.

Then ofcourse Stephen King with the obvious points.

Moving on…..

We had a fun discussion last night talking about how some of our favorite actresses have aged well and some that haven’t. Kelly McGillis has not. Jennifer Connelly has. Probably has something to do with when making a decent budget blockbuster that you want it to do well.

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Most people don’t know she was in ‘Inventing the Abbots’. Definitely had some funny scenes.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi series came out on Friday. The first two episodes. It’s hard to believe it’s been twenty years since the last episode. Darth Vader will appear as well. They both appeared at Star Wars celebration. Video below.

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Also, this interesting bit surfaced from Kevin Costner talking about the loss of Ray Liotta. Kevin pointing out that one of the best moments from ‘Field of Dreams’ was entirely by accident. He points it out below.