Phil. Phil in a Conference

So Phil Mickelson took center stage in the Press room to discuss his time away. Anyone remember how it was that he felt so bad and was apologetic for the things that he did and he needed to do some deep soul searching and make himself a better person? Well, today’s press conference and he was all about how good of a time he had. When asked about human rights violations and perhaps groups that he had talked with regarding his decision his response was

I think I’ve addressed that as thoroughly as I’m going to

– Phil Mickelson

SO Phil. You’re really good with your employer has taken a bone saw to a journalist, killing people just due to their sexual preferences, but….as long as the check clears. We’re good…is that what we’re saying?

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Let us get this straight. So you can understand this clearly. The Saudi Aradia Financial wing is giving players 30 million to 200 million dollars with no hope of recouping this money. There is no business model that supports getting this return on investment with the age of these players. Anyone that says that this isn’t ‘sports washing’ on the highest scale really doesn’t know what they’re talking about. The Washington Post had an excellent write-up about this which you can read here.

Rich Eisen had a good interview with one of the guys at the press conference from ESPN. Video below.

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Also some good commentary from Mr. Lynch is below.

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Hope you had an excellent Wednesday.