Tiger Woods. Why?

The prospect of Tiger Woods coming back was something all the sportswriters talked about. Be careful what you wish for. The guy can barely walk, a noticable limp. Can he hit a golf ball? Sure. But now we’re talking about him competing against the best in the world. The problem is he can’t practice. He can’t get in the repititions. Tiger used to give interviews saying he needed more tournament reps. That he can only get so much out of playing and practicing at medalist. Well, now he’s doing a schedule that includes zero tournament reps and just shows up for majors and then the tires fall off.

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On a related note. I couldn’t believe how much tv coverage Tiger was getting on his way to a 2nd to last finishing. Yeah yeah I know Tiger gets ratings. But how’d you like to be one of those guys on his way to his first major and gets near zero screen time? Crazy.

Moving on….Adam Carolla does a podcast I enjoy to listen to Adam and Dr. Drew show. He also does his solo podcast called ‘Adam Carolla Show’ which is a slightly removed second. Both good shows but Adam does his best when he aligns with a serious host – Dr. Drew is that guy. Anyway, he’s also a serious car guy. I’ve seen him in person racing Dotson’s (spelling) and now he’s taken up racing Porsche. For a while he was a collector of Paul Neuman’s racing cars. I, say for a while, he still probably is. A decent interview below.

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Cubs baseball.

Cubbies are barely a 500 team. When I say barely, I mean they’re struggling to just be a 500 team. Last year’s crazy sell-offs and team upper management telling fans this won’t be a complete rebuild. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Yeah. My butt. My how much we’ve fallen. From being competitors in the playoffs. To the World Series. To now fighting for .500. It’s honestly tough to watch.

Crawfish Boil

We had the LSU Crawfish Boil yesterday. Great fun. Excellent group of people to hang with for hours. After an hour or two, I lose interest in beer and that was certainly the case yesterday. Which works out well as then I was very good to drive.