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I’ve been meaning to blog more. This is odd as I wake up with a lot to that I think about and on my mind. This blog was meant to be more of a cesspool of junk for me to vent. I’ll use it as such going forward. Aren’t you lucky that you get to read it? Then I usually watch my morning Dan Patrick and it all seems unnecessary. Yep – it’s all Dan’s fault for myself not blogging more.

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Let us cover a few subjects of interest to me. It’s looking more and more like Roe vs Wade might get overturned. If we were a society that frequently found middle ground on hot button issues I’d not be concerned. But, we’re currently in this all or nothing mentality. Where do things go when it does get repealed? It’ll be a state by state issue and you don’t need to look any further than Ireland to see how well that worked. People being very careful about where they delivered their children, as if there was a chance they’d have a complicated delivery they’d go over to Belfast where abortions were legal if it compromised the mother’s life.

Rogan had a good discussion about rational thought. clip below.

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Hope everyone has a good Friday.