LIV – Independent Contractors Except Not

Anyone remember Greg Norman on the first LIV event touting how proud he was that free agency was coming to golf. The ability to freely go and play anywhere you like.

Yeah. That’s a lie.

Norman’s circuit prevented Northern Ireland’s Graeme McDowell from playing in the Horizon Irish Open.

The circumstances of Graeme McDowell, who signed with LIV Golf, indicate that Norman isn’t allowing players to freely go and play elsewhere. McDowell, who had agreed to play the Horizon Irish Open, a tournament he had played the past 20 years anyway, in order to get a waiver to compete in the Saudi International in February. But he reneged on the deal because it conflicted with last week’s LIV event in Portland.

It’s fairly obviously why. Norman knows for his “Sour-16” League to succeed he needs every player playing in every event. No waivers. No nothing.

Pat Perez gave some bs story about missing his kids birth because he needed to advance his ranking in the FedEx cup. What happened to responsibility? You’re responsible for your own choices. You could have been there. Nothing was stopping you.

That’s it for this Tuesday.