Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill

Sunday of the weekend is off to a start. I received my modified sleep-in until 6:30 am as I was up until 11 pm watching Kate Bush’s ‘Running up that Hill’. My wife had never heard it and didn’t know how much it had been covered of late. Then Netflix’s show ‘Stranger Things’ comes out and uses the song in a pivotal moment and voila a near thirty-year-old song is #1 on the charts.

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I think perhaps what makes it more popular is that Kate Bush left the “limelight” decades ago. She’ll seldom come out and perform the song. Nope, no tours. Nothing.

Below Halsey has been adding it to her set list of recent for all of her tours.

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Moving on….

The R&A said ‘No Thanks’ to Greg Norman for coming to the 150th playing of the British Open. There is an honorary four-hole event and a dinner to honor the event that will take place and the R&A made it clear they wanted no part of Greg’s drama to take away from their event. I can’t say I blame them.

Netflix Does Spacial Audio

What’s spacial audio? It’s a way that you can make a pair of speakers sound like you have the front, middle, and back speakers. Now I’m talking headphones here and it takes a fair amount of processing power but the effect is quite nice. It worked well with music as you can definitely hear the separation between the band equipment and the vocals kind of like you’re at a concert. Subscribe to Apple Music and own a pair of Airpods Pro, Airpods 3rd edition, or Airpods Max and you can hear it. A decent review is here.

What’s slightly different that Netflix did? They partnered with Seinheiser and brought Spacial Audio to all headphones, not just Apple ones. The catch? Only to Netflix-created shows.

Maybe I’ll add to this as I go today. Hope you have an excellent Sunday! Peace!

Added 4 pm:

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Tiger arrived on the property for some short game practice and putting. Oh it’s definitely going to be a fun British Open. 150 years and I’m ready.

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