Late Sunday Jan 16 Thoughts

Good morning to you all on this January 16th. Hope the weekend is treating you well as we’re off to the races. I’ve been listening to a lot of Dr. John Campbell of the UK where he’s done an excellent job of data analysis. The UK has been very on top of publishing data on a daily basis so his analysis has been welcomed.

Cut thru it all and what’s the bottom line. Omicron is here and it’s displacing Delta at an extremely rapid rate. Much higher in transmission but much less deadly to our system as the impact to the lungs seems to be minimal. Hospital stays are 70% less than Delta. This is the first sign that we’re getting closer to endemic. Watch this latest video discussing the data.

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Moving on….

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Trump spent the weekend in Arizona. Why? It looks like he’s trying to make the case for decertifying some states – Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania. Sure there is no mechanism in the constitution for the Federal government to overrule the states. But we won’t let a pesky thing like the constitution get in the way. 😂

I mean think about this. Democrat or Republican or Independent. What we hold most sacred and most American is our right to vote. You vote. Your neighbor does. They tally the vote. The vote for your state is represented in the Electoral College.

We’re at a point now where we’re trying to find a way to not submit to the will of the people of certain states. Crazy to me.

Voting irregularities. Fraud. That’s what the courts are for. Show your evidence. Not conjecture or what you want the believe. You can’t decertify entire states and thousands of people.


Bob Saget’s wife had this tribute to him. Damn. Have to feel for what she’s going thru.

On another noteworthy note, one year a week ago we went and picked out our Labrador Ted.

Lauren on the day we were picking out what would be our “Ted”
Ted trying to see if he can fit to break free