Team Play Fun.

What’s up world. How are you doing this Saturday morning? Stop if you’ve heard this before but I’ve been a bit absent from blogging lately. Yawn. What else is new?! Going to make a larger effort to get back at it.

Our Singing Hills Golf Course guys took on Steele Canyon. It looks like they came out on top. The only part that kind of surprises me of the whole thing? Singing Hills when they played at Steele were top-heavy. The low-handicap players won. The top half of the matches were dominated by Singing Hills. Then you get to the bottom half of the roster and we just got killed. Ended in a tie. Fast forward to yesterday. Put the high handicappers on their home course and you’d think it would correct itself. Nope. Same thing. It’s a little surprising. Good matches though. P

Moving on……Are you familiar with Claire Hogle? She’s the latest in trying to become an internet influencer. Translation cute girl can get lots of video hits on YouTube and then you get paid by YouTube ads as they put advertising in the videos. Also some advertising of products and bingo there you go. So you probably haven’t heard of Claire Hogle….

She played college Cal State San Marcos. Moving on to why I mention this. East County’s golf sensation of recent has been Cameron Sisk on the Men’s side. Graduated from Valhalla High School and then earned his way to ASU. We’re talking about Cameron here. Stop starring at the Clare above.

Anyway. Claire traveled to Steele Canyon (Cameron’s home course) played a round with him and made a YouTube video for her channel with him. Decent video. Though – a slightly awkward video where she asked if he made the cut in his PGA Tour debut and when she said ‘tell us how good you are…’ That’s kinda a weird question to ask. Perhaps might have been funny if he said ‘Let us find out.’

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Packers lost yesterday. Aaron just couldn’t get any offense going. The defense did their job and special teams had a big boo boo.

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Sorry, Derek for your loss on taking the over on thinking it was going to be a high scoring game 😂 The Super Bowl came out with their trailer for the Super Bowl half-time show.

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Have a good Sunday everyone! I’ll cover some other topics of interest this week. Thanks for the read.