Yellowstone Finale. Mr. Mercedes.

Just re-watching the Yellowstone finale. It is such a good show with amazing writing. I haven’t seen such good scenery, writing, and an all-around good cast since…The West Wing. Definitely, my favorite character would be Beth and Rip. Ironically, they’re also married together. Season four just ended and soon it’ll be on Peacock. Season one thru three is on Peacock now. Give it a watch. I’ll have to give it some more time before I start discussing the finale as I don’t want to spoil it for people.

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PGA Tour Fun

It’s not all the time we get to see Phil Mickelson in Hawaii. This tournament is a bit different as you had to have won in the previous year to get entrance. Still – it’s good to see him doing the usual Phil things.

Did you catch that Danielle Kang was on the cover of Golf Digest? I guess she’s been doing this at airports. Love it!

Covid Protocols

This Christmas was definitely an odd one. So many of our family have tested positive. Some felt nearly nothing while some have been down under the covers for days. Speaking for myself I really tried to minimize the amount of people that I came in contact with. Do that and you minimize your chances.

Testing. Tests are harder to come by now and the Governor has tried to do what he can to prevent price gouging.

How long do you need to wait once you feel fine? I believe it’s 5 days from a positive test and you just go on with life.

Welcome to the club? People need to realize you’re probably going to get this at some point. With Omicron numbers are looking drastically better for us as a society. Washington post had some good statistics on this here.