Shatner Boldly Goes

Yep. Captain Kirk did it. He became the oldest man to go to space. All on Jeff Bezo’s dime. I did find it funny that in the clip that was on NBC News he stated the only thing he was worried about was coming back to earth. Myself? Does anyone remember Challenger or other issues coming back? Yeah, I’d be freaked out about the leaving and the return. Below is the clip of Shatner saying he’s worried about coming back.

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What else have I been watching? My wife and I watched the finale (only five episodes) of ‘Scenes from a Marriage’. It’s a bit different than your ordinary story and perhaps closer to home for some. It’s on HBO Max.

Scenes from a Marriage deals – sensitively, minutely – with the expected quota of considerations about how you negotiate a long-term relationship, whether falling into ruts is inevitable, whether passion is vital or can be replaced by something deeper, more sustainable and sustaining, and what limits should be placed on the pursuit of individual happiness. Because he gender-flips Bergman’s original, in which the husband, fairly clinically, detached himself from the marriage, and has Mira instigating the separation, it also asks questions about our expectations of the sexes in relationships, and the ways in which we judge women who leave.

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A guy that I had gotten to know at the golf course had a very traumatic event happen to both him as well as his family. He appeared on a show/podcast to talk about it. He was dead for nearly two hours. Give it a listen.

Tomorrow I’ll light up the James Bond film and all the problems with it. What were the writers thinking?!?!