Aaron Rodgers. What the ?

I’ve always been a fan of Aaron Rodgers the quarterback. I respected his performance on the field. But the latest from him just screams dishonesty. Saying things like he didn’t lie to the media. Umm yeah you did and you knew you were being coy. Telling them ‘I’m immunized’ The reporters that day respected your privacy enough to not ask what vaccine you had taken. You knew how it was interpreted and you went with it. Never correcting anyone. You’re telling people that you’re proud of the work and research you did into homeopathic medicines. Except obviously it didn’t work and you knew. Absolutely knew. What the NFL’s protocols were. The only way you could skate this was by implying you were vaccinated. The Packers knew this. You knew this. Crazy.

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There are players in the NFL that make the choice to not be vaccinated. Fine. I get it. I accept that it’s a personal decision. Then the protocols put in place are that you must wear a mask when on the sidelines and during press conferences. JJ Watts does this. Many other players do. But what Aaron did was try and skate the rules. Argh. Get real man. Just in that he lost a sponsorship with a local hospital in Wisconsin. I hope it’s just the beginning.

Then you call Joe Rogan for medical advice? Cmon man. What’s wrong with you?

Moving on….

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Eternals comes out this weekend. I’m ready to see it and I hope it’s good. Have a good weekend everyone Maybe I’ll update this further as the day goes.