LIV But Louder. Literally

So I’m back blogging. Yeah. Yeah. I know a broken record. I”ll try and be more consistent. But today we’re in luck as I have a few subjects for you.

LIV Golf announced they have a tv provider for their product that starts next month. The CW. Yes the same network that produces such hits as Gossip Girl and ‘The Flash’ will be showcasing golf on the weekends. Funny little tidbit. The average age for the viewership over at the CW is 58. Yep. 58. Well, LIV said it was golf but louder. They may finally be right with all the older guys turning up their tv sets to hear it. Details are Friday’s round will be televised on the CW app with the round being on their public airwaves on Saturday and Sunday. What else is noteworthy about this? No money changed hands. LIV is calling it revenue sharing which is kinda ironic as they currently have no revenue and with LIV having to eat the enormous production costs of each event, I fail to see how there will be any revenue to share. What’s also missing? No title sponsors. Or for that matter any sponsors.

Have a good Saturday!